Abhijit Zaveri

(Managing Director)

Abhijit Zaveri is the Founder and Managing Director of Career Mosaic Pvt. Ltd. He is an MBA from University of New Haven, Connecticut (USA). Having been an international student in USA himself, Career Mosaic was set up in 2001 by him to guide and assist aspiring students to achieve their study abroad dreams. Abhijit Zaveri and his team always are in close communication with senior university officials and agency partners, as they work directly with them. He is an elected Board Member of AIRC.

Career Mosaic is a regular participant of the AIRC (http://www.airc-education.org), ICEF (https://www.icef.com) NAFSA (https://www.nafsa.org) Conferences in USA and Canada. Mr. Zaveri routinely delivers presentations on Strategies for International Student Recruitment at the ICEF and AIRC conferences in North America.

Manisha Zaveri

(Jt. Managing Director)

Manisha Zaveri is a Masters in Commerce, with a post-grad diploma from University of California, Berkeley (USA) in E – Business Management. Ms. Zaveri manages the Operations, Information Technology and Agency Network of Career Mosaic. She strongly believes in the power of technology to bolster the path of sustained growth, and to this effect, has been instrumental in establishing the online CRM System that manages all operations by connecting students, applications, universities and agency partners using effective information systems. Ms. Zaveri is involved in all aspects of international education and enrollment management. Ms. Zaveri ensures quality control, and that transpires in the form of transparency of our communication and high ethical standards of our relations with universities, students and agency partners.