The expansive, culturally- and geographically-diverse continent is home to 350+ best colleges and universities in Asia, featuring institutions from 27 countries, as per The 2019 Asia University Rankings. As the emerging global power, there is certainly much to gain from studying abroad in Asia. Its cities and universities are modern, vibrant and constantly buzzing with activity. Asia is seeing booming growth rates in terms of economic, political, and cultural influence, while its universities are pushing the envelope in research and industry.

Due to the increasingly important political and economic role of Asia, many employers value Asia-related knowledge and expertise. By gaining personal knowledge and experience of this emerging centre of economic gravity you can future-proof your CV and stand out from other applicants. Studying in Asia is a solid investment in your career!

Asia is a treasure trove of amazing experiences just waiting for you to explore. Filled with cultures that are unique only to that continent, studying in Asia is certainly an eye-opening experience and definitely one worth going for.

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