There are thousands of universities in Europe, offering tens of thousands of study programs in English. You can find courses ranging from Arts to Zoology; small, intimate universities or large international research centres; cutting edge academic research programmes or practice-oriented taught education. There is something for everybody!

Studying in a European city is beneficial for your future career as they tend to be large and diverse in their student population. This enables the postgraduate student a wider life experience as well as offering an excellent networking potential. The high quality of higher education institutions in Europe is well known to potential employers and can certainly help you along your chosen career path.

While some countries in Europe offer excellent and standard international education in a buzzing economy and up to 2 years of post-study work permits, others offer cutting edge research and technology education. Then there are some countries known for Architecture, Design and Fashion education, and some known for their Hospitality and Culinary industries. Apply to any of these countries Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Georgia, Denmark, Slovakia, Russia, Slovenia, Austria, Portugal, and Poland using our Admission Counselling services.

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