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At Career Mosaic, our goal is to establish strong relationships with accredited and progressive Universities and High Schools that are committed to establishing, expanding or diversifying their international student body. We are South Asia’s top B2B agency, with student recruitment operations are spread across 46 cities of India, and all key cities of Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand, as well as parts of UAE, Nigeria, Turkey and East Europe.

Promoters of Career Mosaic are educated in the United States. We are an AIRC Certified company since 2012, a presenter at ICEF Conferences and a regular participant at NAFSA. Our team comprises of admission counsellors, trainers, marketing professionals and technology experts.

We have an excellent agency network in place, carefully chosen, trained and appointed. Through the network and via our digital operations, we can attract quality students for both graduate and undergraduate programs, for popular as well as niche careers.

Your Goals

Understanding your student recruitment goals – both quantitative and qualitative, is imperative to the success of our partnership. Whether its boosting numbers, promoting new programs or bringing out diversity on campus, we align our service to your goals.

Get To Know You

Familiarizing our team with the university’s mission, program offerings, admission criteria and process, international student policies and campus highlights help us know you well. This helps in generating applications that match your quality standards and documentation requirements.

Quality Control

We control and maintain the quality of students by screening and verifying applications to ensure a high acceptance and retention rate. Knowing you well allows us to establish suitable checks for quality control, ensuring that only qualified and complete applications are routed to the university.

Managing Agents

We train the staff and counsellors of the Agent Network on how to promote, what to promote, the application nuances, facts & figures. This is done through digital and personal means. It is the key to successful enrolments and maintaining consistency in recruitment numbers.

Marketing Collaterals

We can create marketing collaterals ranging from mailers to infographics and program handouts to support the marketing campaign and recruitment efforts. Printing orders are managed for brochures, leaflets, viewbooks, etc. with the aim of printing materials and distributing it efficiently in South Asian market or for your events elsewhere.

Marketing Tours

Organizing University delegate visits to the Indian Sub-Continent, to attend fairs and events, student meet ups, marketing visits to hand-picked agent offices, training counsellors, information sessions and pre - screening interested students. A customized plan is worked out for interested universities.

Our Network / Outreach

Our network comprises of high quality study-abroad agencies that are carefully chosen and rigorously trained. Through this robust network, we are able to penetrate our student recruitment services to Tier I, II and III cities of India. This bring about a unique geographical diversity in the student population, as well as varied interests in degree choices. Large state universities, prestigious private colleges, niche schools – all have a market in India that they can reach into, through these agencies. Our network leverages our university relations and support system, to reach out to thousands of students each year for guiding them on their plans of studying abroad.

Our Agency Partners are carefully screened before signing up, thoroughly trained and constantly monitored. They participate in training Webinars conducted by us as well as the University Partners and are kept up to date with latest developments.

Create · Print · Deliver

Quality, Savings And Efficiency for Educational Institutions

Our team can help you make a great first impression, helping you select the right printing and finishing options, conveying the right message efficiently. We use excellent creative design, taking away the hassle of dealing with creative teams, printing technicalities, quality checks and distribution. Our printing capabilities are offset and digital printing, wide format, point of sale and packaging.

Product List
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Pamphlets
  • View Books
  • Business Cards
  • Handouts
  • Forms
  • Info Sheets
What Can We Do For You?

We address your overall goals for internatinal student recruitment

Strategy & Solutions
  • Market Entry

    Reaching out into specific regions with focused effort

  • Market Expansion

    Boosting enrolment numbers to the optimum

  • Student Diversity

    Across geographical and variety of programs chosen

  • Lead Management

    Ensuring Marketing campaigns are followed up on

  • Operational Efficiency

    Reducing application errors; improving speed and accuracy

  • Printing & Distribution

    High quality printing at competitive rates

Contact Us for Information

We would love to know more about your goals for student recruitment and tell you about our service delivery, methods and recent case studies

Testimonials / Partners Speak
Grand Valley state University

Career Mosaic fulfills their mission by matching the right students with our programs. Working with their staff is very pleasant and we have developed a strong working relationship.

- Cristopher Hendree Associate Director of Admissions
California State University, Long Beach

California State University, Long Beach is very selective with the agencies we allow to represent us globally, and Career Mosaic met all of our requirements. They have been very helpful in assisting us in planning school and agent visits. We are very satisfied with the level of attention we receive from their administrative staff and counselors.

- Sean Cochran Director International Recruitment
Cleveland State University

Career Mosaic has consistently sent us high-quality applicants every year since we signed with them and a number of their students have even received graduate assistantship. They are one of our top sending recruitment agents and we highly value our partnership with them.

- Lynn Mentch Office of Admissions
New Paltz

While recruiting in India we have visited several of their offices and have been pleased with their professional appearance and the comprehensive services. As the international student markets are so difficult to predict, we are grateful to have a knowledgeable partner like Career Mosaic with experience and integrity that we can trust.

- Beth Vargas Associate Dean, International Programs
Florida Institute of Technology

FIT enjoys an excellent retention rate and this also applies to the students who enroll from Career Mosaic. I visit their office each year and find the team very hospitable and welcoming.

- Stacey Reeder Associate Director International and Graduate Admission
San Jose State University

Over the past 5 years the team has diligently worked with us to send a good pool of qualified students into our many graduate programs. I find the staff to be knowledgeable and professional in their demeanor.

- Adiba M.Shahjahan International Recruitment and Partnership Specialist
University At Albany

We are very pleased with the relationship we have with Career Mosaic. They have has shown us the highest integrity. Their counsellors are very professional. They are very forthright with the market that exists. I have found consulting and discussing issues with Mr. Abhijit Zaveri very informative. He is a leader in this field in India.

- George C. Burke International Recruitment Specialist
The University of Central Missouri

We are pleased to report that Career Mosaic has been one of our most productive and trusted agents for the last 10 years. Career Mosaic holds AIRC certification, a noteworthy professional recognition that is not easily attained.

- Dr. Shelie Hewitt Director, Graduate and International Student Services
Partner Universities

Looking at studying the STEM programs or build a career in Arts or Business? Whether you want a big-city university or a location that’s easy and quiet, a bustling campus of thousands of students or a more intimate and personalized study experience, we have University options for you! Whether you are a top notch student looking for high ranked universities or looking at a great experience abroad in a reputable college. You name it, we have it. Here’s how we can help you