In-Country Representative
Your Purpose, Our People.

The premise of our In-Country Rep service is to help you achieve your student recruitment goals by establishing and operating for you, a South-Asia specific program that includes Local representation for Market Research, Identifying Institutional Partners, Student Recruitment Strategy, Campaigns and Screening, Agent Search, Selection and Management.

The emerging opportunities of engaging and attracting the new segment of highflier South Asian students will require a proactive recruitment strategy which adapts to the evolving needs, behaviours and mindset of the students.

Market Entry Local Management Support

No Separate legal Entity is Required

Fully Compliant to Local/National Regulations

Dedicated Local Representatives for your Business

Payroll & Expense Management Included

Finance, Tax & Accountancy Covered

Our In-Country Rep services provides strategies and services to succeed in the high-growth market of India, including Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Strategic planning, due diligence, consistent follow-up, patience and commitment are all prerequisites for successful business in South Asia. This region requires multiple marketing efforts that address the various regional opportunities, standards, languages, cultural differences, and levels of economic development. We help you gain access to these markets based on careful analysis of past experiences, trends, preferences, existing channels and changes in marketing practices, all of which are continuously evolving.

The Market Entry team lets you focus on your core competence by taking care of these and much more :

  • Representation Management
  • Training & Skill Development
  • Strategy & Scheduling
  • Marketing Materials
  • Reporting & Assessment
  • Data Analysis
  • Budgeting
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Testimonials / Partners Speak
Grand Valley state University

Career Mosaic fulfills their mission by matching the right students with our programs. Working with their staff is very pleasant and we have developed a strong working relationship.

- Cristopher Hendree Associate Director of Admissions
California State University, Long beach

California State University, Long Beach is very selective with the agencies we allow to represent us globally, and Career Mosaic met all of our requirements. They have been very helpful in assisting us in planning school and agent visits. We are very satisfied with the level of attention we receive from their administrative staff and counselors.

- Sean Cochran Director International Recruitment
Cleveland State University

Career Mosaic has consistently sent us high-quality applicants every year since we signed with them and a number of their students have even received graduate assistantship. They are one of our top sending recruitment agents and we highly value our partnership with them.

- Lynn Mentch Office of Admissions
New Paltz

While recruiting in India we have visited several of their offices and have been pleased with their professional appearance and the comprehensive services. As the international student markets are so difficult to predict, we are grateful to have a knowledgeable partner like Career Mosaic with experience and integrity that we can trust.

- Beth Vargas Associate Dean, International Programs
Florida Institute of Technology

FIT enjoys an excellent retention rate and this also applies to the students who enroll from Career Mosaic. I visit their office each year and find the team very hospitable and welcoming.

- Stacey Reeder Associate Director International and Graduate Admission
San Jose State University

Over the past 5 years the team has diligently worked with us to send a good pool of qualified students into our many graduate programs. I find the staff to be knowledgeable and professional in their demeanor.

- Adiba M.Shahjahan International Recruitment and Partnership Specialist
University At Albany

We are very pleased with the relationship we have with Career Mosaic. They have has shown us the highest integrity. Their counsellors are very professional. They are very forthright with the market that exists. I have found consulting and discussing issues with Mr. Abhijit Zaveri very informative. He is a leader in this field in India.

- George C. Burke International Recruitment Specialist
The University of Central Missouri

We are pleased to report that Career Mosaic has been one of our most productive and trusted agents for the last 10 years. Career Mosaic holds AIRC certification, a noteworthy professional recognition that is not easily attained.

- Dr. Shelie Hewitt Director, Graduate and International Student Services
University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati has a robust history of working with international recruitment agencies, including Career Mosaic. We have been pleased with their ability to recruit a number of successful students to our programs and their quick and efficient communication.

- Jonathan Weller, Ph.D Director, International Admissions
University of Windsor

The University of Windsor has been a partner with Career Mosaic and We have experienced consistent upward trends in student applications and enrolment from them.

- Mr. Chris Busch, MSc MBA C.Mgr EdS(c) Acting Associate Vice-President, Enrolment Management
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