United States of America

USA is the world’s number one destination for higher studies abroad - thanks to its high quality of academic standards, extensive curriculum, and multicultural campuses. And equally important is the fact that USA offers great career opportunities and post study work permit, thereby enabling students to gain experience as well as earn a return on their investment! The United States is the ideal choice if you are looking to study Science and Engineering, Management, Advanced Technology or Design and engage in cutting edge research. Every graduating student in the United States is entitled to 12 months of post-study work permit; students pursuing STEM designated programs are entitled to 24 months of post study work permit, extendable to total 36 months! That’s a great opportunity to gain practical experience and as well as recover a big chunk of your investment in education.

Degree levels in USA range from :

  • Bachelor’s Degrees: 4 years
  • Masters Degrees: 2 years (accelerated 1 year)
  • Doctorate: 4 to 6 years

MS in USA can be pursued as a thesis or non-thesis degree, depending on what the University offers. One can also explore Associate Degrees, Certificate and ESL Programs in the US. Browse through the University Options listed below and get in touch with us for inquiry or application to these or any other University that you may have in mind.

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